YouthPower Task Orders
Implementations, Assessments and Evaluations

YouthPower Approach

YouthPower is expanding the evidence base for what works in positive youth development and applying improved approaches across programs and sectors. As an USAID project, YouthPower seeks to improve the capacity of youth-led and youth-serving institutions and engage young people, their families, communities, and governments so that youth can reach their full potential.

YouthPower Implementation 

YouthPower: Implementation focuses on the design and implementation of PYD programming and policies; capacity-strengthening of youth-serving institutions, including governmental and civil society organizations; and promotion of increased youth engagement in development efforts.

El Salvador: Proyecto de USAID Puentes Para el Empleo/USAID Bridges to Employment

Honduras: USAID Secondary Violence Prevention Activity -- Proponte Más

Honduras: Honduras Workforce Development Activity -- Empleando Futuros

Kenya: Kenya Youth Employment and Skills Program (K-YES)

Nicaragua: Technical Vocational Education and Training Strengthening for At-Risk Youth -- TVET SAY/Proyecto Aprendo y Emprendo

Eastern and Southern Caribbean: Community, Family, and Youth Resilience Program (CYFR)

Indonesia: Mitra Kunci – Key Partnerships (formerly Inclusive Workforce Development (IWDP) Initiative)

Jordan: USAID YouthPower Jordan Activity

Tanzania: USAID Tanzania Youth Economic Empowerment Activity 

YouthPower Action: dedicated to scaling evidence-based positive youth development in all sectors and country contexts. 

(For updates on YouthPower Action activities, view the YouthPower Action Year Two Semi-Annual Report).

      - Mozambique: YouthPower Action - Mozambique

      - Youth Engagement Training in DREAMS Countries

      - Establishing Mentoring Groups as Safe Spaces for Adolescent Girls 

      - Virtual Safe spaces for Adolescents Living with HIV

Generating Evidence for YouthPower

YouthPower: Evidence and Evaluation focuses on research and evaluation of youth programming; assessment to inform program design; and dissemination of knowledge in the field of PYD. 


LAC, Caribbean: Youth Violence Prevention in Latin America and the Caribbean 

West Bank/Gaza: Youth Cohort Study - USAID West Bank and Gaza's Partnerships with Youth Activity


USAID YouthPower Learning – leads research, evaluations, and events designed to build the evidence base for what works in PYD. 

     - Nigeria: Workforce Development and Youth Employment Assessment 

     - Zambia: Mission-Wide Youth Assessment

     ​​- Ethiopia: Cross-Sectoral Youth Assessment

     - Bureau for Food Security: Program Design Guide for Activities that Engage Youth in Agriculture/Food Systems

     - Office of Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment: Understanding and Tackling the Gendered Drivers of Poor Adolescent Mental Health

     - Latin American and Caribbean Bureau: YouthLead Platform