Questions and Answers About the PYD Toolkit

1. Where can I find a definition of positive youth development?
YouthPower Learning, a USAID funded project, has developed a comprehensive definition of positive youth development (PYD), and it can be found on page 15. To learn more about positive youth development, go to

2. Where do I go in the toolkit to understand more about how to conceptualize PYD measurement?
We introduce the PYD Measurement Framework in Chapter 1, which is dedicated to conceptualizing PYD measurement.

3. Where can I go for a list of PYD indicators and their sources?
We developed a list of user-friendly, evidence-based illustrative indicators of PYD that youth programs in low- and middle-income countries can use. The table of PYD illustrative indicators, along with the reference sheets for indicators sources, is in Annexes E, F and G. More context for the illustrative indicators is provided through a case study approach in Chapter 2.

4. Where can I go if I want to see an example of how to incorporate PYD measurement for program design, monitoring and evaluation?
We walk readers through the stages of measurement, monitoring and evaluation for programs using a case study approach in Chapter 2. In this case study approach, which is based on a real USAID program, we use the PYD Measurement Framework and the indicators to show how to incorporate PYD principles into measurement during all phases of program design, from developing the research questions to dissemination of PYD data.

5. Where can I go if I am interested in adapting PYD measures to new contexts?
Chapter 3 orients readers to the important considerations needed for adapting PYD measures and principles in new contexts, including scale validation, developmental stage of youth, and gender.

6. Where can I go if I want to learn more about how USAID is investing in young people?
For more information on USAID’s investment in young people, including highlights from the 2012 Youth in Development Policy, see Annex A.

7. Where do I go to learn more about YouthPower?
For more information on YouthPower, see Annex B and A list of individuals involved in developing the toolkit and the indicators is available in Annex C.

8. Where can I find more information about PYD in general and the current state of the field?
In Annex D, we briefly detail the historical context of PYD and the current state of the field, especially in terms of measurement. Further, a meta review of PYD in low- and middle-income countries is also being produced under YouthPower Learning.

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• Home: PYD toolkit
• A framework for measuring PYD
• A set of illustrative PYD indicators 
• Application of PYD framework and indicators at each phase of a program design and evaluation:
                Phase 1. Define (or refine) key desired outcomes or research questions
                Phase 2. Determine PYD features and beneficiaries of the program
                Phase 3. Finalize the logic model
                Phase 4. Decide what to measure, and how (study design and indicators)
                Phase 5. Analyze the data, disseminate the findings and adapt your program
• Considerations for adapting measures cross-culturally
• Additional resources and references 
• FAQs
• PYD Glossary