Youth Radio for Peacebuilding - A Guide

Default image, no image supplied by the user.This is a guidebook, not a workshop or conference report. It has been written for radio broadcasters (adults and youth) who want to make good, entertaining youth radio programmes which also build peace. The tools described here are meant for use by those working in radio, but they can also be used by youth workers and young leaders to design and implement their own radio initiatives. Some broadcasters may be familiar with some of the ideas, but we hope that it also contains a lot of new and useful material.

Everyone would like to live in a peaceful society, one not driven by hatred and violence, but the question is how to get there.

This guidebook is packed with a wealth of examples and tools to help radio professionals and young people produce youth programmes for peacebuilding. Each chapter begins with a short summary of the main ideas and concepts it contains, but overall the guidebook includes:

• A how-to guide to analysing conflict
• An analysis of what happens to young people in conflict and how radio can help
• Tools and examples of how radio professionals can create youth radio initiatives
• Guidance for adults working with young people on radio programmes for peacebuilding; and
• Tools to help young producers participate in creating radio for peacebuilding



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