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Project Timeline


Project Goals

USAID Mitra Kunci Initiative is a five-year, $22.8 million project that promotes more inclusive economic growth in Indonesia by improving access to skills, training, information, experience and relevant services for Poor and Vulnerable (P&V) youth, women, persons with disabilities, and higher education students.

Brief Background

Indonesia is a growing regional and global player, having experienced a remarkable democratic and economic transformation over the last two decades. However, the country remains at a development crossroads, with 40 percent of the population earning less than two dollars a day.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Mitra Kunci Initiative is providing Indonesia’s poorest and most vulnerable with skills needed to be productive members of Indonesia’s workforce. Young people, women, and people with disabilities will receive training, information, and resources to prepare them to meet the needs of the private sector.

By assisting Indonesia’s efforts to improve the skills needed to work in the local market, more Indonesians can break the cycle of extreme poverty, have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to global prosperity and self-reliance.

Overview of Activities and Partners

Mitra Kunci co-creates and co-innovates with Project Implementers (PIs) in the workforce development space by working closely with PIs as they diversify their networks, become more effective advocates and strengthen their skills to be more professional organizations in a coordinated and sustainable skills development system.

Mitra Kunci provides partner PIs and local government, civil society and private sector counterparts with technical and operational support to test innovative programming, assess impact, and scale successful innovations and approaches. Mitra Kunci contributes to USAID’s overarching goal of equipping 200,000 P&V beneficiaries to be more work-ready by:
• Improving quality of workforce development programs;
• Implementing innovative workforce development models; and
• Increasing ownership and synergies between key workforce development stakeholders.


Ayo Inklusif!
(East Java)

Increase awareness of the Kunci program among targeted stakeholders through media campaigns and training of the important economic and workforce role played by persons with disabilities. 
- The Jawa Pos Institute of Pro-Otonomi (Lead)
- Saujana
- United Tractors
- Pusat Studi Layanan Disabilitas (PSLD) Universitas Brawijaya

Equal Opportunity for Empowerment
(West Java)

Increase points of access to soft, hard and life skills training for poor and vulnerable youth.
- Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia (Lead)
- Dompet Dhuafa

(Central Java)

Action Group for Inclusive Workforce Development or Kelompok Aksi (POKSI) bringing together stakeholders to better match relevant P&V job skills with local labor market demand.
- Rajawali Foundation (Lead)
- Transformasi

Re-Engineering BLKs
(Papua, West Papua)

Strengthen BLK capacity enabling these institutions to provide Papuan youth (male and female) with demand-driven technical and non-technical skills to enter the job market.
- Mercy Corps Indonesia (Lead)
- United Tractors
- Kiron Global Strategies
- Yayasan Pembangunan Masyarakat Desa (YPMD)
- Kelompok Kerja Wanita (KKW)
- Sahabat Pulau


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