YouthPower Learning
Building the evidence base for positive youth development

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Recent YouthPower Learning Activities under Buy-ins:

- Nigeria: Workforce Development and Youth Employment Assessment 

- Zambia: Mission-Wide Youth Assessment

- Bureau for Food Security: Program Design Guide for Activities that Engage Youth in Agriculture/Food Systems

- Office of Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment: Understanding and Tackling the Gendered Drivers of Poor Adolescent Mental Health

About the Project

YouthPower Learning generates and disseminates knowledge about the implementation and impact of positive youth development (PYD) and cross-sectoral approaches in international development. YouthPower Learning responds to USAID’s renewed call for unbiased impact and performance evaluations of the agency’s programs, as well as for increased use of research to improve program planning and results. We are leading research, evaluations, and events designed to build the evidence base and inform the global community about how to help young people pursue their aspirations, empowering them to contribute to, and benefit from, the creation of more peaceful and prosperous communities. YouthPower Learning also provides evidence and evaluation support to USAID missions for youth assessments, evaluations, research, training, strategy and program design, and other technical assistance through field support buy-in options.

The project is jointly funded by USAID’s Bureau for Global Health and the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS ReliefUSAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment; and USAID’s Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance.

Project Activities

Create and Manage a YouthPower Online Platform

YouthPower Learning manages – the premier learning hub for enhanced knowledge-sharing on PYD and cross-sectoral youth programming.

Establish and Maintain a Cross-Sectoral Youth Learning Network

YouthPower Learning fosters an inclusive, demand-driven learning network with four Communities of Practice (CoPs) to improve skills, practices, and partnerships around youth engagement, cross-sectoral skills for youth, gender and PYD, and youth in peace and security.

Develop and Disseminate a PYD Measurement Toolkit

YouthPower Learning developed the PYD Measurement Toolkit with illustrative PYD indicators to bridge gaps across sectors and establish common measures and build user capacity to contribute to a comprehensive PYD framework.

Conduct a Systematic Review of PYD

YouthPower Learning produced the definitive Systematic Review of PYD Programs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries to expand on the existing evidence base and provide the foundation for new knowledge development.

Provide Evidence and Evaluation Support to USAID Missions and Disseminate and Share Research, Best Practices, and Learning in PYD

YouthPower Learning provides evidence and evaluation support to USAID Missions and Operating Units through assessment, evaluation, research, learning, and technical assistance in program design on an as-needed basis. The YouthPower Learning team also supports greater interaction between global youth stakeholders so as to disseminate existing and emerging evidence around PYD in developing country contexts. For some examples, see the projects page.


For more information, contact:

Prime Implementer

Making Cents International leads YouthPower Learning

Implementing Partners

YouthPower Learning is a consortium of partners including International Center for Research on Women; Results for Development Institute; Khulisa Management Services; Social Development Research Group at the University of Washington; Royal Children’s Hospital Academic Centre at the University of Melbourne; and Young Americas Business Trust.

Project Timeline

A five-year project that continues into 2020.