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Innovation Stats
Innovation Type: Approach
What phase of development is your innovation currently in?: Stage 6: Wide-scale Adoption
Where did you create your innovation?: Zimbabwe
Where have you implemented your innovation?: Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania
In what sectors does your innovation belong?: Health and Wellbeing, Youth

In The News

Provide a status update for your Innovation.
  • The model is currently operational in 51 districts and 647 facilities.
  • Currently serving 49 310 beneficiaries.
  • Currently has 492 support groups.
How does your innovation work?

CATS services within health facilities:

  • Information and Counselling (HTS, disclosure, ART initiation and adherence, PSS, SRH)
  • Linkage to internal (HTS, ART, SRH, PMTCT, Mental health) and external (Social Protection) services
  • Information & counselling for caregivers and partners
  • Participation in case conferences
  • Facilitation of adolescent corners
  • Co-facilitation of support groups, facility-based refill groups, young mother groups

CATS services within communities

  • Index case finding for HTS
  • Information and Counselling (HTS, disclosure, ART initiation and adherence, PSS, SRH)
  • Identification of red flags, referral for services and follow up
  • Tracing loss to follow up
  • SMS and Whatsapp clinic and adherence reminders and check-ins
  • Identification of red flags and referral for services (HTS, ART, TB, SRHR, PMTCT, Mental health, disability, social protection)
  • Co-facilitation of Community Adherence Refill Groups


What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Organisation recently launched the Technical Support Team (TST) which will be responsible for expanding and scaling up the innovation nationally and regionally.

Next Steps

Mainstreaming :

  • Disability in HIV
  • Mental Health in HIV
  • Economic strengthening through Internal Savings and Lending (ISALS)


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