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Innovation Type: Approach
What phase of development is your innovation currently in?: Stage 3: Initial Piloting
Where did you create your innovation?: Iraq
Where have you implemented your innovation?: Iraq
In what sectors does your innovation belong?: Education, Youth

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Upon return to Iraq in September 2017, Hevar, Danar, Hanya, Alan, and Nwa hit the ground running with the network.As of February, the network had hosted 14 dialogues, 2 seminars, and 2 workshops in Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Duhok, Diyala, and Koya.  It is worthy of note that they participated in different cohorts and are from different provinces, but they connected and partnered to create this network. Their programming focuses on peace building, gender equality, education, countering ethnic tensions, public narratives, etc. They’ve created a safe space for 136 youth and counting.
Members of this network are also running for a mini-grant. They want to facilitate workshops for refugee youth in Mosul: “We are trying to address the issues they are facing after the war and in the camps especially the mental issues that they have, we will try to make them more confident and remove the fears they have gained.”
You can learn more about Youth Change Makers and follow their activities: https://www.facebook.com/kurdyouth/


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