Mitra Kunci Youth Camp

Mitra Kunci provides Indonesian youth with valuable training and experience

Youth internship and work experience program

Ms. Sayyidah Afifah was the first intern of the Mitra Kunci program

Mitra Kunci has launched a youth internship and work experience program in Jakarta, Indonesia, that targets youth interested in working in international development. Ms. Sayyidah Afifah from the Faculty of Communications, Universitas Pancasila, was the first intern of the program and spent nearly three months in late 2017 working with the project.  While with Mitra Kunci, Ms. Afifah gained workplace experience, collaborating with like-minded peers and was provided access to experts and resources for professional development.
As part of her internship duties, Ms. Afifah monitored both online and traditional media for issues related to youth, workforce, and persons with disabilities. She actively participated in the Mitra Kunci Youth Camp and team-building events.

The youth internship and work experience program concept and model will be introduced to all seven Project Implementers during Project Year Two; members will be encouraged to implement similar initiatives in their pilot provinces and districts.
Youth participants, including persons with disabilities, gather for morning exercise during the Mitra Kunci Youth Camp in Lembang West Java

Mitra Kunci Youth Camps train vulnerable youth 

Mitra Kunci organized a four-day Youth Camp in Lembang, West Java, (November 14-17, 2017). Thirty poor and vulnerable youth, including persons with disabilities, were trained to become youth facilitators. These facilitators will become members of the Mitra Kunci Youth Facilitator Association. They will act as facilitators in future Mitra Kunci activities, including workshops, meetings, and youth festivals. The Youth Camp model was well received by youth participants—especially youth with disabilities, who felt they were given a chance to interact and share experiences with youth with other disabilities and non-disabled participants.

Youth gather data for labor market assessment

Ms. Afifah was not the only young person to participate in Mitra Kunci activities. From November to December, 2017, youth from Papua and East Java participated in data collection as part of a labor market assessment. A youth survey and focus group discussions sought to identify existing and emerging economic activities and employment opportunities, understand work readiness (employability) of poor and vulnerable youth, and assess service providers’ capacity to prepare youth for employment.
 Since youth participation was a key aspect of the survey, all enumerators were youth between the ages of 20 to 30, with majority attending nearby universities. These data collectors were able to effectively communicate with their peers and establish a level of comfort, as respondents easily identified with them. In total, 50 youth from Papua and East Java participated as enumerators implementing the survey.
Some of the enumerators came to Mitra Kunci with no training. The project provided these youth with the proper skills and knowledge necessary to implement the research in a uniform and professional manner in the target communities and to discuss value clarification, personal beliefs, and judgements.


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