Across some of Honduras' most high-risk neighborhoods, hundreds of youth have lowered their risk of engaging in gangs and violence through the Proponte Más family counseling program.

Approximately 450 families completed a year of counseling, which focuses on reducing youth risk factors like anti-social tendencies, lack of parental supervision and negative peer influence.

Three-fourths of the group lowered their risk factors for gang joining significantly and are now at a "primary," or low, level of risk.

With strengthened resilience and family cohesion, these youth are less likely to engage in the gangs and violence that are often common in their communities.

In San Pedro Sula, the counseling has made a difference in the life of Amílcar, 12, and his family.

“The biggest change that I can see in my family is that I no longer fight with my brother, and I also see that my parents are getting along better,” Amílcar says.

Amílcar's mother Marta says that she has seen a positive change in her sons' behavior and her own relationship with her husband.

“I think that after participating in the program, the kids are much more obedient and they no longer fight," Marta says. "But beyond that, this has helped us to work together as a family and also ourselves as a couple. I remember we used to get mad and the family would be completely torn apart."

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