Proponte Mas - Adaly
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Carlos Adaly Hernandez and his mother Suyapa had always been together — until 2016, when Adaly spent most of the year incarcerated. The family was also forced to move from their home in Rivera Hernandez, Honduras. But in December of 2016, a judge granted Adaly an alternative measure to detention and he was allowed to finish out the remainder of his sentence at home.

Carlos began working with Casa Alianza, a program that provides reintegration support. The Proponte Más secondary violence prevention program, which centers on family counseling to reduce youth risk of gang joining, works with Casa Alianza as a grantee to provide additional support to youth in the juvenile justice system.

For Adaly, Casa Alianza developed and began implementing a therapeutic plan to help him emotionally and psychologically.

His counselor Vivian says Adaly was engaged in the process, on time to every session and completed most of his homework, such as practicing emotional control techniques.

After a few months, he started becoming more optimistic about life, positive against adversity and began building relationships with his schoolmates.

“He suddenly started speaking about his future. He was saying how he would graduate and get a good job to help his mom. I had never heard that before,” Vivian says.

Adaly's mother Suyapa says the counseling has helped her and her son improve their communication, reflect and further strengthen their relationship.
Proponte Mas - Adaly

“I am very thankful for the support because before I had nobody I could talk to, who could give me advice, because this situation has been very tough," she says.

Adaly finished his sanction in March 2018 and plans to continue participating in other Casa Alianza activities for youth and parents. Through an online schooling option, he was able to complete the seventh grade, and is continuing his education.
Suyapa says she appreciates the support Casa Alizana provided for her and her son through this difficult period.

“I am very happy for all the support you have given to Adaly, and you have helped me a lot as well,” she says. “I am happy because my son has been able to get out of this situation. Now we feel more peaceful.”

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