Wheels Up, Guns Down riders

In February, 30 young men rode their bicycles through the streets of St. Kitts to signal the launch of the Sandy Point Bikers Club. Dubbed “Wheels Up, Guns Down,” the ride was a collaboration between the Sandy Point Community Enhancement Committee (CEC), the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force and the young bikers, with support from USAID’s Community, Family and Youth Resilience (CFYR) Program.

A local police inspector spoke with the youth and encouraged them to embrace the opportunity to empower themselves and avoid getting caught up in a wave of crime and violence. Community residents applauded the young men as they performed stunts and displayed their riding skills through the streets of Sandy Point.

The biker’s club was formed by its members as a result of a CFYR-hosted youth dialogue, part of a series being undertaken with young people in the program’s five target communities in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Contact: Evelyn Rupert


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