YouthPower Learning is delighted to announce that Komo Learning Centres (KLC) in Uganda has completed their video series made possible by a grant from the USAID-funded YouthPower Learning Project.

You can view the videos here or on the YouthPower Learning YouTube page:

Video 1: Concept, Impacts, and Expectations


Video 2: Recruitment and Club Structure


Video 3: Needs Assessment, Prioritization, and Decision-Making


Video 4: Capacity Building through Trainings and Workshops


Video 5: Activity Planning and Design

Video 6: Activity Implementation and Evaluation


Video 7: Gender and Age Issues


Video 8: YLC Challenges, Solutions, and Benefits


Video 9: The Process of Making the Video Series

KLC was founded to help fill the gaps in education, health, and livelihoods development in Mukono District, Uganda. Their activities include: sponsoring approximately 120 students (secondary, university, and vocational); implementing the Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Apprenticeship Program (LEAP), which improves livelihoods options for approximately 700 young people per year; running a community clinic and health outreaches; facilitating a youth-led club (YLC) in partnership with the U.S. Peace Corps; and conducting various workshops at their youth centre (e.g., soap-making).
The YLC’s first meeting was held in February 2016. Thus, they are able to document the almost entire first year of the club in this video series – from recruitment and leadership elections, to designing and implementing YLC activities. Their proposed videos include: 1) YLC concept, impacts, and expectations; 2) Recruitment and club structure; 3) Community needs assessment, activity prioritization, and decision-making; 4) Capacity building through trainings and workshops; 5) Activity planning and design; 6) Activity implementation and evaluation; 7) Gender and age issues; 8) YLC challenges, solutions, and benefits; and 9) The process of making the video series.
Contact: Matt French, Uganda Country Director,

These videos were made possible by a grant from USAID YouthPower Learning Project.


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