The Contribution of Positive Youth Development in Tajikistan to Effective Peacebuilding and to Countering or Preventing Violent Extremism: Successes, Limitations, and Recommendations - Research ReportThe main task of the research in this report is to measure the real impact of local and international efforts in the field of youth civic engagement and peacebuilding in the Republic of Tajikistan. The research focuses mainly on the following three research questions:

First, the boosters and barriers that influence young people’s decision to invest themselves in civic youth engagement and peacebuilding projects;
Second, if and how youth participation in such projects contributes to peacebuilding and in countering/preventing violent extremism;
Third, the research explores the contextual factors, local, programmatic, approach, etc., that affect the impact of such projects, and what factors can be scaled-up or transferred to other contexts.


This report is produced by YouthPower Learning grantee, the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia.


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