About the Grant

GRL Power’s goal is to equip a group of adolescent girls with the knowledge and skills to conduct qualitative research, to empower the group to build upon efforts to create safe public spaces for girls and women by designing and undertaking their own research and to share these learnings and the girl-led research process with INGOs, national NGOs, UN agencies, the Jordanian government and universities.

The objectives of the grant are three-fold:

1. To establish and build the skills, knowledge and capacity of a group of girl researchers who can provide research services to the broader development community.
2. Demonstrate the capacity of adolescent girls as researchers and the impact of investing in their empowerment.
3. Document and share lessons around the design and measurement of the impact of the role of adolescent girls in mobilizing communities to foster safer public spaces and reduce the potential for gender-based violence (GBV).

About the Resources:

GRL Power Case Study: What can we learn about the experience of girl-led research in Jordan?

This case study examines the purpose of girl-led research in Jordan, describes the two-month long process of the girl researchers’ experience, and discusses what is next following the results of the girls’ research. 

Milestones of the Second Phase of GRL Power

This report contains information on the milestones of the second phase of GRL Power. In addition, this report describes the pre- and post-evaluations of girl researchers, the training process, and shares the reflections of the girls.

Girl Researchers’ Feedback on Safe Cities’ Indicators

This document describes the Girl Research Units (GRU), and their evaluation of safe cities’ indicators based on the Positive Youth Development (PYD) indicators.

Guidance Note on Working with Girl Researchers

This document provides an overview of girl-led research, the challenges to girl-led research in MENA, steps to ensure success in girl-led research, and lists additional resources for implementers of girl-led research. 

Webinar Recording and Resources: ​Girl Research and Learning (GRL) Power Project: What can we learn from girl-led research in Jordan?

YouthPower Learning hosted a webinar with Mercy Corps on June 25, 2018, to share the research, findings, and lessons learned of the girl researchers. 


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