UNOY PeacebuildersAbout the Grant

UNOY Peacebuilders documented and examined young people's roles in peacebuilding and studied the factors that enable or/and constrain these roles. The youth-led participatory action research took place in four countries where UNOY Peacebuilders’ members have been actively involved in different types of peacebuilding activities: Afghanistan, Libya, Sierra Leone, and Colombia. These countries cover different stages of conflict (in conflict/war, early post-peace agreement and consolidated peace agreement). A comparative study examined youth roles in civic engagement initiatives in different cultural, historical, and geographical contexts, where factors like gender and age may shape the roles of youth in peacebuilding in different ways. The grant also provided youth research capacity building through training in the four countries. Research findings were used to develop a series of policy briefs in order to inform policies and programming related to youth participation in peacebuilding. In addition, young researchers wrote blogs about their experiences. 


Report: Beyond Dividing Lines-The reality of youth-led peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Colombia, Libya and Sierra Leone

Policy Briefs: Beyond Dividing Lines: Youth-led Civic Engagement for Peace

Webinar Resources and Recording: Beyond Dividing Lines: Overcoming Challenges in Youth-Led Civic Engagement for Peace

Blog Post: Revealing young Libyan's aspiration through research

Blog Post: From perpetrator to facilitators: Youth in Sierra Leone are leading change


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