Default image, no image supplied by the user.This brief summarizes findings from the YouthPower Learning Systematic Review of PYD Programs in LMICs relevant to programming for SRH and HIV/AIDS. It also leverages insights from the YouthPower Learning PYD Measurement Toolkit . International implementing organizations can integrate lessons learned into practice as researchers continue to build knowledge on the impacts of PYD programs.

  • About half of the 108 studies (51%) of PYD programs identified by the systematic review focused on SRH and HIV/AIDS outcomes.

  • Most programs classified as investigating SRH and HIV/AIDS outcomes also worked towards outcomes in other sectors. 

  • SRH and HIV/AIDS programs targeted more than one type of PYD domain

  • PYD programs impacted a variety of SRH and HIV/AIDS-related outcomes. These included increasing self-efficacy to use condoms with partners, contraceptive use, and utilization of SRH services. 

  • SRH and HIV/AIDS programs strengthen PYD constructs 

  • There were no studies within the systematic review that had programs that targeted youth with disabilities or LGBTI youth. 


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