"The work in this supplement fills these important gaps in the literature. The Global Early Adolescent Study focuses on developmental issues of younger adolescents, age 10 to 14 years, in 15 different high-, middle-, and low-income countries across the world.Equally importantly, this study focuses on adolescents within low-income settings in each of these countries, to capture relatively unexplored contexts for gender identity development. As some of the first work to emerge from this important study of early adolescence, the papers in this supplement offer a fascinating look into key aspects of development during the intensification of gender socialization and gender roles that occurs around puberty. This study is being undertaken in two phases, with the first designed as an exploratory qualitative examination of how gender is experienced across the various settings, identifying cross-cutting themes, and the second phase intended to incorporate a longitudinal quantitative design.(2017)”

Additional information about the Global Early Adolescent Study (GEAS) can be found at https://www.geastudy.org/


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