LGBTQ2+ Youth Priorities for Addressing GenderBased Violence

This ground-breaking report highlights the experiences and perspectives of over 500 LGBTQ2+ youth across Canada and their recommendations on addressing gender-based violence.

The objectives of this engagement including allowing LGBTQ2+ youth to share the impact of GBV on their lives and identify their priorities related to addressing and preventing GBV.

It is clear that GBV remains an all too common experience for LGBTQ2+ youth. Youth emphasized the breadth and depth of the impact of GBV on their lives.

LGBTQ2+ youth emphasized the negative health, social and economic impacts of GBV, including increased prevalence of mental health problems, increased isolation, poverty and unemployment, homelessness and prevalence of suicidality among LGBTQ2+ youth. They also connected their experiences to larger systems of exclusion and oppression, such as racism -including environmental racism, as well as classism, and other issues.



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