Measuring Soft & Life Skills in International Youth Development Programs: A Review and Inventory of Tools

Default image, no image supplied by the user.International youth development programs have increasingly focused on interventions that develop soft and life skills, creating an urgent need among youth development programs for skill measures that can be used for program implementation and evaluation. USAID’s YouthPower Action has just released its report,  Measuring Soft & Life Skills in International Youth Development Programs:  A Review and Inventory of Tools that summarizes findings from a review and inventory of tools that measure cross-cutting skills, based on key criteria for use by international youth development programs. The report builds on the findings presented in USAID YouthPower Action’s “Key Soft Skills for Cross-Sectoral Youth Outcomes” report. Authors provide general findings about the universe of skill measurement tools reviewed, as well as specific observations about tools that scored highest against the review criteria. The report concludes with recommendations for improving the state of soft skill measurement resources. In addition to the report, YouthPower Action has also posted the inventory of all the instruments reviewed as part of this assessment which describes the type of instrument, the skills measured and other relevant information.  This is the second in a series of three reports on soft and life skills to be produced under YouthPower Action. The third report will identify a set of guiding principles for building soft and life skills in youth development programming.


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