Partners and Allies: Toolkit for Meaningful Adolescent Girl Engagement

Members of the Coalition for Adolescent Girls (CAG) created this toolkit as a resource for practitioners, policy-makers, advocates, researchers, donors and governments to engage adolescent girls as partners and allies in activities and structures of institutions, programs, and projects.

The goal of this toolkit is to enable institutions, programs, and project teams to strategically and meaningfully engage girls as equal and active participants in the leadership and development of their communities, nations, and the world. This is not a program design toolkit, it is a comprehensive resource that will answer the why, how, and when related to safe and effective adolescent girl engagement.

By completing the Readiness Assessment Worksheet and Action Plan included in this toolkit and reviewing and ensuring alignment with the theory of change, principles, strategies, and measurements discussed, users of this toolkit can make the case for engaging adolescent girls; improve established or develop new girl engagement processes; and assess the extent to which their institution, program, or project is ready to meaningfully engage girls.


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