Report on the Workshop to Share and Validate Findings of the Research Action on Security in the Communes of the District of Tombouctou (Bourem Inaly and Lafia)Introduction

To strengthen resilience of youth aged 15 to 35 years and women in these two partner communes in the Timbuktu region, AMSS, in partnership with YouthPower Learning, conducted a research action/study to establish a baseline.

Vision and objectives of the research project

The main objective of the study/research was to contribute to strengthening resilience of youth and women through the establishment of a baseline on the root causes or motivation for young candidates who engage in violent extremism through radicalization.

Specific objectives of the research/study 

• Assess the socio-economic, political, cultural and even religious context that characterizes the environment in the two communes of the region after the occupation,
• Analyze and assess the various decision-making centres (in terms of influences and/or power) and  youth participation and involvement;
• Assess to what extent youth know about violent extremism and radicalization;
• Map out drivers of violent extremism and radicalization;
• Encourage youth to take actions to strengthen resilience so that they can play roles as change agents and contribute to building social cohesion in the these two communes.
Given the objectives of the study/research, the Validation workshop sought mainly to improve, amend and validate all the findings of the study/research. 


This report is produced by YouthPower Learning grantee, the Association Malienne pour la Survie au Sahel (AMSS).


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