Fighting for an OpportunityIt takes Ana Ávila an hour and half to travel from her home in Choloma, Honduras to her job in San Pedro Sula. Each day, she leaves her five-year-old daughter behind and sets out to fight for their hopes and dreams. Thanks to Ana’s positive attitude, her new skills, and her willingness to build a future for her family, Ana now works in customer service in Power Chicken, a Honduran fast food chain. 

Ana is a 23-year-old mother who dropped out of school after the sixth grade. She started her Empleando Futuros training in the Lopez Arrellano community of Choloma, one of the most violent communities in Honduras, located just north of San Pedro Sula. Residents of Ana’s community are stigmatized because of Choloma’s large gang presence, and employers are often unwilling to hire people from her area.

Despite these obstacles, Ana persisted in her determination to find a job, which led her to Empleando Futuros. In Empleando Futuros’ community-based training, Ana learned life skills and basic labor competencies, and received sessions on cognitive behavioral therapy. Later, she completed 3.5 months of technical training in foods sales, including customer service training.



Contact: Louie Alexander


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