Summary of the report of the research action conducted in Bourem Inaly and Lafia in Timbuktu RegionSummary of the Research Action 

The Timbuktu region has for a long time been characterized by socio-economic and political stability. However, since 2012, the region has been exposed to serious consequences and challenges related to security, governance and citizens’ engagement for their rights and duties. The 2012 political and security crisis served as a start in raising awareness on facts and practices related to ‘’Radicalization’’ and "violent extremism". Specialists point to several factors as being the root causes. 

In this context, AMSS conducted this research with technical and financial assistance from the Youth Learning Foundation in the rural communes of Bourem Inaly and Lafia to establish a baseline situation on the underlying causes or motivation of young male and female candidates for violent extremism through radicalization.

To conduct this study, the methodology focused on:

• Organizing a work session with research assistants in Timbuktu to share the methodology, the agenda and make practical arrangements with the authorities in both communes;

• Collecting data and information through individual interviews and focus groups in both communes (Bourem Inaly and Lafia); 

• Organizing a participatory workshop to analyze data collected in the two communes;

• Drafting an end-of-process report for the field work.


This report is produced by YouthPower Learning grantee, the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia.


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