The Arab and African Youth Platform was held in Aswan, Egypt. Photo.
The Arab and African Youth Platform was held in Aswan, Egypt

The world’s future leaders are uniting. In a time when the world appears to be more divided than ever, there’s a new platform that is assembling new thinkers, empowering the world’s youth and supporting their ideas. The Arab and African Youth Platform (AAYP) is a three-day event that took place March 16-18 in Aswan, Egypt, bringing together around 2,000 people from Africa and the Arab world and part of the highly-successful World Youth Forum (WYF). Since its inception three years ago, the support for the WYF has grown to reach seven million young people from 193 countries on social media, Aya Ateya, the general coordinator of the WYF, announced at the AAYP. With a shared history and understanding of challenging circumstances, it was organised so that the youth in the Arab region and Africa can benefit from an open dialogue and exchange of ideas and experiences. The AAYP is made up of young people from both regions for this reason. Aswan was chosen as the ideal location for the meeting point, cementing its tag as the capital for African Youth.

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