Youth in DRG Programs Module 10: Module: Media, Information, and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Today’s youth are growing up in an era of technological advancement in which social and online media are widely available. As a result, they are the leading producers and consumers of this type of media and therefore have the opportunity to take a leading role in building a vibrant media sector. Young people can also use social media and other ICT tools to improve the outreach and operations of civil society groups, political parties, and other political organizations. It is important to note, however, that young people’s access to and ability to utilize ICT varies across different identity groups and communities. For example, young people with disabilities, gender and sexual minorities, racial and ethnic minorities, and those living in poverty may not have the same opportunities to learn about ICT as those from urban, elite communities. In many places, gender norms do not allow women the same opportunities to utilize ICT tools. Young women who are active online often face intimidation and threats. Media professionals and social media activists from other marginalized groups may also face increased intimidation, harassment, and violence, as well as heightened risk of identity-based violence. Further, during a time when mass access to online media may foster problems of disinformation about political processes and government, it is important that young people and other groups have the skills to properly assess the credibility of media sources.


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