YouthPower Action- Programa Para o Futuro Expansion- Mozambique: Final ReportThis Mozambique Phase 2 Field Support field buy-in to YouthPower Action (YP Action) is an opportunity to scale up the Programa Para o Futuro- Mozambique (PPF-MZ) project being implemented in Beira District and to expand the same PPF activity to Maputo City. The Programa Para o Futuro (PPF) program PPF was methodology developed by FHI 360 in Recife Brazil under a USAID-funded pilot program with 50 youth. It was developed as a comprehensive, integrated approach to support disadvantaged youth to build employability, technical, social and basic education skills to help them transition into a productive and healthy adulthood. The project was then scaled up to reach approximately 1,000 disadvantaged young girls and women with funding from the Nike Foundation in collaboration with ADE Brasil. FHI 360 then adapted and piloted the methodology in Mozambique.

With funding from USAID Capable Partners Mozambique, FHI 360 implemented the PPF methodology and reached approximately 500 youth ages 15-17 from 2010 to July 2016. The program evolved over the years with new aspects added to the methodology (e.g. peer education, youth clubs, optional vocational training). Although this final report is focused on the activities and results achieved during the YP Action/PPF-MZ Expansion it includes lessons learned, reflection and data from the full implementation of PPF beginning with the first cohort of youth in 2010 and ending with the last cohort that graduated in 2018.


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