Democracy, human hights and governance (DRG) assistance programs involving youth can be examined through sub-sectors, such as participation in elections, involvement in political parties, civic engagement, and others. However, it is important for all youth DRG programs to account for broader dynamics associated with politics, power and sociocultural norms as they relate to youth civic and political participation, regardless of the type of assistance being delivered. This section includes resources that explain how programs can assist young people in overcoming barriers to their political participation and transforming power structures to attain meaningful political influence. These resources provide guidance for structuring all types of assistance for youth political and civic participation. 

This page is divided into the following sections:

- Thinking Bigger - Approaches for Supporting Youth Participation in Democracy, Human Rights & Governance Programs

- Electoral Participation and Engagement

- Civic Engagement

- Governance

- Political Party Development and Participation

- Social Movements

- Gender and Women's Political Participation